Wellness Care

Your best policy for health

Wellness care is for patients of all ages who wish to pursue optimal health. Wellness refers to physical, mental and even spiritual well-being. It includes a healthy diet, regular physical exercise and positive inner dialogue. At OrthoChiro, our team of professionals is equipped to guide you on the road to better health and liaisons with skilled practitioners in other fields to better serve you in a spirit of multidisciplinarity and interprofessional collaboration.

Wellness chiropractic care can prevent the appearance or reappearance of vertebral or joint subluxations. Not unlike dental hygiene, wellness care involves regular upkeep and allows one to maintain optimal neuro-spinal health. What’s more, pursuing wellness care helps patients having received postural Remodeling to continue improving their alignment. The cumulative effect of both treatments inevitably has a positive impact on physical appearance and self esteem.

As childhood is crucial to facilitating normal development, children especially can benefit from such preventative care. After a detailed assessment of their condition, we can help eliminate more severe alignment problems. Since children also often have falls, you can count on your chiropractor to oversee your child’s neuro-spinal health.


No matter what the type of activity, the great majority of sports injuries, be they sudden or chronic, are caused by postural imbalances in athletes of all ages. Our specialized Remodeling care aims to reestablish joint alignment to reduce the risk of such injury. Once optimal posture has been restored, wellness care not only allows to maintain the corrected alignment, but also boosts our athletes performance to new heights!  

Just like a high performance cyclist must have regular maintenance performed on their bicycle in order to ensure that it is in top working order, it is in the best interest of athletes of all disciplines to have regular postural alignment checkups to optimize their performance.