Before we start, make sure the person being assessed is dressed in figure-hugging clothes. They will stand with their arms hanging along their sides, feet hip-width apart and eyes closed in order to maintain a natural posture. Hair should be pulled back and clear from the face and neck.

Front and back view

Note if:

  1. the nose is aligned with the sternum
  2. the eyes are level with each other and the ears as well
  3. there is a difference in shoulder height
  4. the hands hang along the thighs at the same height
  5. one arm is farther from the hip than the other
  6. the waist is symmetrical
  7. the hips and knees are at the same height
  8. both sides of the spine are symmetrical (no bump or deviation)
  9. a hollow is visible on the arch of each foot

Profile view

  1. the ear, shoulder, hip centre and ankle bone are vertically aligned

Note that asymmetrical shoe sole wear may indicate a postural deviation.

Ideal Posture