No matter what your profession, your counselling or patient co-management needs, here is a non-exhaustive list of intra and interprofessional collaborative possibilities which we are particularly fond of here at OrthoChiro.

  • Assessment of pelvic obliquity / asymmetry of lower limbs for prescription for shoe lift: clinical and radiological analysis (prescription required)
  • Consultancy service for postural, scoliosis, hyperkyphosis assessment and treatment
  • X-rays with follow-up report (comprehensive exam required)
  • Interdisciplinary co-management
  • Guest speaker opportunities
  • Business conference services (ergonomics, posture, injury prevention)
  • Workshop – conferences on scoliosis; its assessment and treatment
  • Monthly health workshop for all (daily posture and ergonomics)
  • Annual Défi Énergie 30 challenge / four weeks of weekly workshops with a naturopath, open to all (for people with weight problems or those who are simply looking to improve their eating habits, nutritional challenge, super-foods, detox, energy boost diet)
  • Job shadowing program providing a half day of shadowing experience within the clinic on request (individual meeting with the professional prior)
  • Month of scoliosis practical workshops, tutoring and conferences
Resources for professionals [image]