Remodeling Care

Postural Remodeling—lasting transformation in which you play a leading role

For those who wish to get more involved in maintaining their neuro-spinal health and to improve their body image, this phase of care is what really defines our mission as it the equivalent of an orthodontic treatment for your spine and posture and the reason why our clinic is named OrthoChiro.

Remodeling care always involves chiropractic adjustment, though in this case the adjustment techniques used differ markedly from those of standard practice as their objective is the restoration of normal joint alignment and posture in the individual.

Patients are inevitably prescribed stretching and reinforcement exercises and are required to actively participate for lasting results to be achieved. To that we add the use of unique Remodeling apparatus (spinal traction) so as to allow the patient to recover a better alignment and more natural curvature of their spine. This constitutes an effective measure of protection against age-related health issues.

What’s more, progress is closely monitored by your chiropractor through periodic checkups, which sometimes include photos and comparative x-rays. Test results for each visit are explained in detail and improvements and points for improvement are highlighted.

Visible results: postural aesthetics

OrthoChiro professionals aim to help you achieve optimal posture and spinal alignment. The ultimate result is a marked decrease in symptoms of pain and improved functional ability, but also a better physique and a heightened sense of esteem due to a more natural, upright posture.

OrthoChiro thus offers you the opportunity to improve your health and physical appearance, two important factors for building a positive self image and self esteem!

Remodeling CARE   Remodeling CARE
Remodeling CARE Remodeling CARE Remodeling CARE