Sylvie, 43

"(*) Chiropractic care has now been a part of my life for over ten years. I have finally found relief for my chronic problems. My migraines have significantly decreased and my quality of life is much better. Last fall I experienced acute problems related to my working posture which eventually led me to schedule a consultation at OrthoChiro during the winter of the same year. I was very discouraged, because I thought that 43 years old was a very young age to have to start limiting my physical activities. I was used to dancing, hiking and skiing and had the impression that I would never get my life back. After only two months of treatment, I got it back. Plus, thanks to postural correction, I hope to remedy several other chronic problems. I have recovered my physical abilities. I am dancing again and I go to the gym and out hiking."

Élizabeth, 35

"(*) After the birth of my first child, I suffered from recurrent lumbar pain, so when I had my second pregnancy, I decided to turn to chiropractic care. Dr. Authier has been following me since my first quarter, and thanks to her judicious advice, my pregnancy is going marvellously well."

Helen, 25

"(*) At first, I was only interested in consulting a chiropractor to relieve my back pain and improve my posture. So I was suprised when treatment also cured my headaches. I very much appreciate the health-related advice I get and the relaxing atmosphere at each session I undergo. I see improvements in my general quality of life and I highly recommend the clinic's services."

Emily, 55

«(*) Thanks to Dr. Marcotte and the SpineCor® brace, I’m happy that my back looks good now after one year of using the SpineCor® brace from Posturetek, I feel so confident. And most important of all, the severe back pain I had before became less so I can have a good night of sleep now. »

Sophie, 50

«(*) Dre Janelle Authier a littéralement changé ma vie et … ma posture. Ce que j’étais il y a deux ans n’est aucunement comparable avec ce que je suis devenue aujourd’hui grâce aux traitements chiropratiques. De courbée aux épaules vers l’avant, ma posture est maintenant redressée. Il ne me reste plus qu’à maintenir les bienfaits! »

Éric, 39

«(*) Depuis environ 10 ans, j’avais des crises de douleur et une peur très forte de me faire mal. Je prenais régulièrement des rendez-vous en ostéopathie pendant 4 ans mais cela ne m’aidait que moyennement. En entrant chez OrthoChiro, j’ai tout de suite trouvé une aide qui m’a redonné espoir. Depuis maintenant 2 ans, j’ai regagné confiance en moi et ma peur commence peu à peu à disparaitre. Une chiropraticienne gentille et professionnelle au sein d’une clinique humaine et joyeuse! Merci infiniment! »