Pain Relief Care

Pain relief care constitutes the first stage of the treatment we propose. During this preparatory phase, we aim to restore the affected area as well as your overall health to a better functioning state. Through the significant reduction of your symptoms, you will gradually recover flexibility, vitality and quality of life.

To those suffering from more severe problems, such as a herniated disc or advanced osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis) for example, we offer SpineMed® computer-assisted neuro-spinal decompression—a cutting-edge technology that offers the majority of such patients unprecedented relief.

During this initial phase, we will first be working on muscle tension, after which we will apply our most powerful tool, i.e. chiropractic adjustment, which consists of a very specific, extremely precise series of spine and joint manipulations aimed at correcting vertebral subluxations. This increases mobility, re-establishes nervous system balance and improves overall functional ability.

For those who wish to take an active part in their treatment, we can also prescribe exercises involving stretching and strenghtening in order to accelerate the healing process. As daily ergonomics all too often constitutes part of the problem (posture in front of the computer, while sleeping, inadequate pillow…to name but a few issues), we offer advice on how to improve postural alignment during daily activities through health workshops, which are free of charge for the entire family.

For those people consult us as a preventative measure without necessarily suffering from any specific condition, this phase of care is normally brief, as it mainly involves improving joint mobility and reducing tensions, before moving on to postural remodeling care.

Pain Relief Care Pain Relief Care Pain Relief Care