The terms "Ortho" and "Chiro" come from the Greek and respectively mean "right" and "hand." By extension, the term OrthoChiro, which we have coined, refers to the science of straightening the spine through chiropractic care, a position akin to that of orthodontics within the field of dentistry, for example. OrthoChiro care primarily deals with posture, scoliosis and hyperkyphosis (kyphosis) in humans.

At OrthoChiro, our mission is to detect scoliosis, hyperkyphosis and postural problems in developing and mature persons in order to help them to achieve optimal spinal alignment and a healthy body image.

Chiropractic is a health care discipline which places emphasis on the human body's inherent ability to self-heal and to maintain its health without drugs or surgery (homeostasis). It focuses on the relationship that exists between structure (mainly the spinal column) and function (health), which is coordinated by our nervous system.

OrthoChiro therefore aims to restore—by means of extremely precise spinal manipulations (chiropractic adjustments), highly specialized orthotics and patient-specific therapeutic exercises—optimal anatomical alignment of the body and by the same token, its functional balance.

Let's not forget that postural aesthetics are omnipresent in modern western society. Individuals with good posture reflect good emotional health and have an easier time attracting friends and achieving professional and personal success.

Unlike brushing one's teeth however, maintaining adequate posture is not systematically taught to children, even though posture has a significant impact on our entire lives.

Our chiropractors are CBP (Chiropractic Biophysics®) certified—a technique that is well documented in the scientific literature, both in terms of quality and quantity and a non-negligible asset in the current context of evidence-based healthcare. The proven clinical effectiveness of our treatment protocols and our 15+ years of experience make us the leader in Quebec in the field of postural remodeling, as well as treating scoliosis, hyperkyphosis and other spinal deformities.

We are the first chiropractors in Canada, and this since 2006, to advocate use of the SpineCor® dynamic brace, a revolutionary orthosis, which has been proven effective in over 30 countries around the world for the treatment of scoliosis, hyperkyphosis and other spinal deformities and which was designed here in Montreal at Ste-Justine’s Hospital by orthopaedic surgeons.