Sylvie, 43, Montreal

"(*) Chiropractic care has now been a part of my life for over ten years. I have finally found relief for my chronic problems. My migraines have significantly decreased and my quality of life is much better. Last fall I experienced acute problems related to my working posture which eventually led me to schedule a consultation at the Clinique OrthoChiropratique during the winter of the same year. I was very discouraged, because I thought that 43 years old was a very young age to have to start limiting my physical activities. I was used to dancing, hiking and skiing and had the impression that I would never get my life back. After only two months of treatment, I got it back. Plus, thanks to postural correction, I hope to remedy several other chronic problems. I have recovered my physical abilities. I am dancing again and I go to the gym and out hiking."

Élizabeth, Montreal

"(*) After the birth of my first child, I suffered from recurrent lumbar pain, so when I had my second pregnancy, I decided to turn to chiropractic care. Dr. Authier has been following me since my first quarter, and thanks to her judicious advice, my pregnancy is going marvellously well."

Lisa, 16

"(*) Hi, I am writing you this note to tell you how much I appreciate your clinic and the SpineCor® brace. I would like to thank you for significantly helping me with my kyphosis. Thanks to the SpineCor® brace, my posture is much straighter and I can move more easily. I am also happy to know that even though I am 16 years old and my years of physical growth will soon be over, the brace can still go on helping me. I like the brace because it is easy to wear and easy to take off. Plus, when I take it off to shower or during the prescribed breaks, I no longer feel myself slouching and my posture remains straight as though I were still wearing it. I also really like the service at the clinic, they're great! The staff is friendly, warm and the ambiance is perfect. I recommend the SpineCor® brace for people who, like me suffer from kyphosis, because it has really helped me a lot and it could do the same for you. Consult with the doctors at this clinic if you suffer from the same spinal deformity as me, even if you are older or your deformity is more severe. Better late than never. Thank you very much."

Patricia Dubuc, 35, Montreal

"(*) When learnt that I was pregnant, I didn't hesitate to pursue my regular sessions with my chiropractor. I consider chiropractic care a safe, natural method of treatment for alleviating pain and discomfort related to important physical and hormonal changes experienced throughout pregnancy. It does me a world of good and I recommend it for all mothers to be."

University student

"(*) I never imagined how much having good posture could have such an impact on my health and mood. Having stooped shoulders and a slightly forward head posture made it so that I had increased headaches and reduced concentration. I also had a tendency to put more weight on one leg than the other. I took me years to realize that all these physical conditions were related to my posture. One day a fellow student made a remark about my neck and back and that convinced me to go see a chiropractor. Don't wait for someone else to say something before you decide to do something about it and consult a doctor as soon as possible. Do it for you, it's the best gift you can offer yourself, in both the immediate and long-term."

Helen, 25, Montreal

"(*) At first, I was only interested in consulting a chiropractor to relieve my back pain and improve my posture. So I was suprised when treatment also cured my headaches. I very much appreciate the health-related advice I get and the relaxing atmosphere at each session I undergo. I see improvements in my general quality of life and I highly recommend the clinic's services."

Blouin-Graboshas family, Montreal

"(*) Thanks to the entire team at Clinique OrthoChiropratique who for years have put their passion and expertise in providing personalized care that contributes to maintaining the overall health of each member of our family. We greatly appreciate how much chiropractic care has added to our quality of life and we never hesitate to recommend the clinic's services to friends and acquaintances—if only because we feel we are in good hands there and we always leave with a smile!"

Danielle J, 59, Montreal

"(*) I have received chiropractic care from Dr. Janelle Authier for 11 months now. In the beginning, my spine was S-shaped, I had a lot of pain in my knees and walking for long periods was difficult (I could walk for 30 minutes, tops). My treatment involved chiropractic adjustments, x-rays and an exercise program, which I followed at home. Treatment doesn't place undue pressure on the body, so therefore is painless. My body's particular sensitivity is respected, a treatment philosophy which I entirely agree with and that is in line with my values. My flexibility has increased and the cumulative effect of treatment is restoring my spine's natural curvature. I am really happy to have placed my trust in Dr. Authier and to have allowed her to treat me. Her professionalism and strong knowledge have contributed to improving my quality of life. I'd like to add that I am 58 and that even at my age, it is possible to reverse the process of degradation and recover a normal stance and postural balance. Treatment has allowed me to escape the pain which had been steadily spreading and was becoming a permanent part of my life. My greatest joy is knowing that it is lengthening my active life—something which I deeply appreciate. All my gratitude."

Jean-Guy Morissette, 69, Montreal

"(*) I have been receiving chiropractic care since 2007. When treatment first began, I was walking like an old man and my head felt very heavy. To make a long story short, I had an accident in 1998: a barrel fell 8 feet onto my neck. Six months after the accident, I had an operation to my left knee and a second one six months later to have my meniscus removed. Another six months later, I had an operation for three hernias. The doctor managed to remove two, but the third was too close to the bone marrow. I had a cervical bone graft and four discs fused. I was paralysed on my left side to the tips of my fingers and couldn't even lift a Styrofoam cup. On top of that, I was unable to sleep in a bed, so for a year I slept in a Lazy-Boy. Needless to say, I was taking a lot of medication. Mostly for headaches, which I suffered from constantly for almost four years. I used to work in a metal shop, but of course had to take a leave of absence and after everything that happened to me, I told myself that when I went back to work, it would be a job with a suit. And after struggling through a month of training, I started a new job as a security officer. Following this, I discovered the Clinique OrthoChiropratique. I went for a physical assessment and started treatment thereafter. In the beginning, Dr. Marcotte saw me 3 times a week, then our sessions gradually became more spaced apart and I now see her once a month. I worked very hard, did my exercises at home and followed all of Dr. Marcotte's advice. I feel much younger now and even look it, which is somewhat flattering. I will be taking my retirement soon, but have been thinking that I might work just a little while longer, because I'm still healthy!"

Emily Cadiz

"(*) Thanks to Dr. Marcotte and the SpineCor® brace, my back looks good now. After one year of using the SpineCor® brace from Posturetek, I feel confident and happy. And most important of all, the severe back pain I had before has decreased and I can now enjoy a good night's sleep."